The #1 Mistake Google Advertisers Make (small image)


You might be using Google AdWords for your business, but you may unknowingly be making the same mistakes as many other advertisers.

What You Will Learn From This Book:
• How the advertising landscape has changed
• How to save up to 80% of your ad budget just by applying the pointers in this book
• How to fix the #1 mistake Google advertisers make and double your sales
• Further optimizations to continually improve your ad performance and increase your sales

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Profound concepts are made easily understandable in this book!

Victor Pow

General Manager of PageAdvisor


What I really like about Fuda’s work is the brilliant step-by-step fixes that readers can easily follow to recover from these common mistakes.  Read this book to improve your AdWords skills and double your sales!

Eu Gene Ang

Google Regional Trainer, Sales Masterclass Trainer & Business Coach

Adjunct Lecturer, MBA Programme, National University of Singapore (NUS)


According to a recent study by MarketingProfs, a third of marketers say they don’t know which of their digital strategies has the biggest revenue impact. With more and more money going toward digital advertising, this is a mistake we can’t afford to continue making. Let Fuda’s experience guide you to achieve a higher return on investment.

Kevin Shorter

Author of Church Search and Founder of ShorterSEO

Shorter SEO

Fuda highlighted the number 1 mistake that most Google advertisers make, which can cause them to lose thousands of dollars. He showed us how to fix this major problem and his book is worth your money.

Sam Choo

Founder of Singapore Internet Marketers Community

Fuda reveals the “secret places” to reduce your advertising budget by up to 80%. Read the book and stop paying “stupidity taxes” on your advertising!

Thomas Hoi

#1 Best Selling Co-Author of The Art & Science of Success

This book will help you to avoid and fix mistakes, and generate quality leads. Do yourself and your business a favor; read his book and double your sales.

Gary Lai

Principal Consultant of Rainlake and Gray Pte Ltd

About The Author, Ye Fuda

Fuda is a highly sought after lead generation strategist, trainer and speaker. He is known for helping business owners and sales professionals attract a flood of leads and customers using the internet, simply by implementing his proven marketing systems.

He graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore with a degree in accountancy and a second specialization in marketing. He was active as the Chief Business Manager and closed sponsorship deals for the Nanyang Arts Festival.

Fuda is the founder and CEO of the Search Engine Marketing agency, Midas SEM Pte Ltd which consistently generates leads and results for clients in the education, business-to-business and retail industries. He regularly speaks at local events for businesses such as the Small Business Success Seminar and the Internet Marketing Career Talk, and has guest lectured at Curtin University, Singapore and Nanyang Technological University.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book suitable for me?

This book is suitable for you if you are a business owner of a startup or SME or a marketing professional in an SME or MNC. You may be running Google Ads for your company or outsourcing it to an external vendor. Either way, this book will help you to understand Google Advertising better and learn about how you can improve on your ads. If you haven’t started advertising on Google, this book can give you a heads up to avoid some of the critical mistakes that other advertisers commonly make.

I am already paying someone to do Google Advertising for me. Should I still read this book?

This book can help you to be in the know of what is being done for you. With a better understanding of Google Advertising, you can also make better decisions about your marketing budgets, targeting and strategy.

What is the format of the book preview?

The book preview is in pdf format. This book preview can be opened and downloaded using any browser for desktop, mobile or tablet.

What happens after I finish reading this book preview?

You can choose to make the improvements to your campaign yourself or contact us for a consultation session. You may also want to make a purchase of the full pdf version of the book.

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