Get Fresh New Launch Leads Delivered To You In Real Time Without Wasting Time & Money on Flyers and Spamming on Social Media

Having managed over $100,000 in advertising, and generated thousands of leads for new launches specifically, you get to leverage our expertise by partnering with us.


No more long hours canvassing at road shows, door-knocking, or cold-calling for new launch buyers, only to face rejection.

Put an end to wasting time and money distributing flyers with ZERO guarantee of getting any qualified leads.

Avoid the hassle of aimlessly posting ads on social media or attending 3-day marketing workshops that are too technical to follow or lack post-workshop support

Some Launches We’ve Successfully Generated Leads For Our Clients

How We’ve Been Able To Achieve Consistent Results For Real Estate Agents From ERA, Huttons, OrangeTee and Propnex

“We made a 300% return on investment advertising Park Place Residences with the help of Midas SEM.”

– A team of 2 real estate agents

“We received more leads than our team could handle!”

– Real Estate Agent from ERA

“We made back more than 5 times our advertising budget for Symphony Suites!” 

– A team of 3 that was promoting Symphony Suites

“…received so many leads that we didn’t have time to call them all!”

– Real Estate Agent from ERA

Apply To Work With Us On Your Next Project Now

Fill in the form to request a consultation call and marketing plan specifically for your next project. Here’s what to expect when you become a client of ours:

  • Automatically receive pre-qualified leads that expect you to call them
  • Focus on what you do best; following up and closing the sale
  • Implement proven marketing strategies based upon your customer’s actual behaviour
  • Leverage the expertise of a badged Google Partner Agency



Why Choose Midas SEM?

Work closely with us as we improve your lead generation, increase your revenue and transform your business

Discover & communicate the strengths and the benefits of your products or services

Choose a team who thinks and acts in your best interest.

Work with a trusted partner who cares to understand you, your business and your industry

Do business with a company with integrity

Grow your business consistently for long term sustainability

Team up with experts who are specialized in generating sales leads through Google and Facebook

Receive continuous customer support

Our Principal Consultants

Donovan Tan,
Conversion Specialist

Donovan Tan is a Facebook lead generation consultant and direct response copywriter for business owners and sales professionals.

He has also spoken at live events such as The Supercharge Summit, and conducts training for direct sales companies. His marketing training newsletter is followed by over 2,000 entrepreneurs and sales people all over the world.

Ye Fuda,
Google Partner & Amazon Published Author

Fuda is a highly sought after lead generation strategist, author and speaker. He is known for helping business owners and sales professionals in Singapore attract a flood of leads and customers using the Internet, simply by implementing his proven marketing systems.

He is the author of Simple Steps to Find More Customers with Google AdWords and the book was ranked #1 best seller on Amazon for the Business Leadership Training category.

Fuda regularly speaks at local events for businesses such as the Small Business Success Seminar and The Internet Marketing Career Talk, and has guest lectured at Curtin University, Singapore and Nanyang Technological University.


“Simple Steps to Find More Customers with Google AdWords” is a concise tutorial for web savvy individuals who are not yet AdWords savvy and know they have to be.

Perry Marshall
American Online Marketing Strategist
Author of Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords

Let the customers find you online and build up your customer base. This is a great write-up of simple steps to build your customer base that you should not miss.

Lau Chew King
Lecturer, Accounting Division, Nanyang Technological University

Profound concepts are made easily understandable in this book!



Victor Pow

General Manager of PageAdvisor


What I really like about Fuda’s work is the brilliant step-by-step fixes that readers can easily follow to recover from these common mistakes.  Read this book to improve your AdWords skills and double your sales!

Eu Gene Ang

Google Regional Trainer, Sales Masterclass Trainer & Business Coach

Adjunct Lecturer, MBA Programme, National University of Singapore (NUS)

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I getting?
A continuous stream of sales leads for real estate. When you engage our services, we use ads to attract your potential customers to fill in their contact details for your sales team to follow up and close the sale. You will also be receiving monthly reports, continual monitoring, optimization and customer support from the Midas SEM Team.
Is this worth my money?
We have a good track record for new launches and we’re confident that the campaign will be profitable for you.
When should I start preparing for my campaign for a new condominium launch?
We need to start preparing 8 weeks before the expected launch date. This will give us enough time to prepare the landing page, ad accounts and ads for the campaign to run and generate sales leads for you.
Can you generate leads for resale property, seminars and recruitment?
Yes, we have a strategy for these too. Contact us for a free consultation and we will advise you.
Do I qualify for your digital marketing services?
This lead generation service is not for you unless:

1. You are able to invest a minimum of $10,000 over 2 to 6 months to grow your real estate business.

2. Your team (of at least 2 persons) is able to call the leads we deliver within 24 hours.

3. Your team has an established established system of following up with leads via phone or text to secure an appointment.

4. You or someone in your team is able to approve landing pages and ads within 3 working days or less.

If you meet the 4 requirements above, you may request for an appointment. We’ll ask you a few questions to determine if this is a good fit. If we accept you, the one-time set-up fee would be payable either by FAST transfer or credit card.