Timeless Digital Marketing Principles From The Bible

Mindsets and Practical Tips to Sustain Market Leadership with Digital Marketing

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How sizable companies can avoid being blindsided by more agile competitors

Research findings regarding agility and organisational performance

Case studies and lessons from actual digital marketing campaigns we’ve ran

Common business mistakes that would affect your digital marketing effectiveness

Practical tips to gain a fresh perspective and deliver superior value

About The Author, Ye Fuda

Ye Fuda (叶富达) has a keen interest in strategy. Over 2 decades ago, he started playing his first strategy game, Command & Conquer: Red Alert. Like many of you, Fuda heard the story of David and Goliath as a child. Currently, Fuda is a highly sought-after lead generation strategist, author and speaker. Fuda is the Managing Director at Midas SEM which is known for helping businesses attract a flood of leads and customers using the internet.

He is the author of Simple Steps to Find More Customers with Google AdWords and The #1 Mistake Google Advertisers Make. Fuda regularly speaks at local events such as the Small Business Success Seminar. He has also guest lectured at Curtin University and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Some Of The Brands That We Have Promoted

This Is How Some Of Our Clients Have Been Transformed:

Our client who distributes construction materials tripled in their staff size

Our client who supplies engineering equipment expanded their sales operations to other countries in the region

Our client who imports luxury furniture tripled their retail floor space and bought a new warehouse

Our client who operates a chain of tuition centres had to hire 2 more sales staff to clear the bottle neck of sales leads

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