This is How You Can Generate More Sales Leads Automatically..


We get your ad seen by potential customers who are searching for you on Google


Potential customers respond to your offer on your website by filling up their contact details


You receive the contact details of potential customers for your sales team to follow up with

This Is How Some Of Our Clients Have Been Transformed:

Our client who distributes construction materials tripled in their staff size

Our client who supplies engineering equipment expanded their sales operations to other countries in the region

Our client who imports luxury furniture tripled their retail floor space and bought a new warehouse

Our client who operates a chain of tuition centres had to hire 2 more sales staff to clear the bottle neck of sales leads

Some Of The Brands That We Have Promoted

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  • Get found by interested customers automatically
  • Focus on what you do best
  • Increase your sales with AdWords advertising leads
  • Leverage on the expertise of a badged Google Partner Agency
  • Harness the power of Google search

Here's How Others Have Transformed Their Business


We received more leads than our team could handle

ERA Agent

Upon setting up my music agency a year ago, I initially had major problems in getting traffic to my website. Thanks to Midas SEM, they advised me on the steps I should take to generate leads and get potential clients to find me! My ROI has gone from negative to +290%! Thank you very much Midas SEM!

Julian Low
Juls Music

Juls Music Singapore optimized

Each campaign that they have managed is tailored to the clients' objectives. Midas SEM takes really good care of their clients' accounts. Kudos to the positive feedback that they received from their clients about their successful campaign management.

Syerra Hamid
Google Partners Singapore

It has been a good 6 months working with Midas SEM. We have seen improvement in enquiries from customers in Singapore and our targeted countries. The team is also swift in their reply and updates.

Sharmaine Goh
ISA Technology Pte Ltd

ISA Technology Pte Ltd

Midas SEM’s persistent devotion to helping us with our advertising campaigns is impressive - they are not only very responsive but also offer valuable input on refining our advertisements. Thanks to the diligent team, we have been able to attract more of our target customers to our website and have also seen an improvement in sales.

Sheryl Teo
That Ampersand Blogshop

that ampersand logo

I'll definitely recommend Midas SEM to those looking to do adwords advertising. They have very clear strategies in optimizing your dollar and our online campaigns have definitely improved! The Midas Team helps you to look at how exactly to improve your campaigns and they are extremely meticulous.

Eugene Toh
TuitionGenius Pte Ltd

Tuition Genius

Why Choose Midas SEM?

Work closely with us as we improve your lead generation, increase your revenue and transform your business

Discover & communicate the strengths and the benefits of your products or services

Choose a team who thinks and acts in your best interest.

Work with a trusted partner who cares to understand you, your business and your industry

Do business with a company with integrity

Grow your business consistently for long term sustainability

Team up with experts who are specialized in generating sales leads through Google and Facebook

Receive continuous customer support

Our Principal Consultant

Ye Fuda,
Google Partner & Amazon Published Author

Fuda is a highly sought after lead generation strategist, author and speaker. He is known for helping business owners and sales professionals in Singapore attract a flood of leads and customers using the Internet, simply by implementing his proven marketing systems.

He is the author of Simple Steps to Find More Customers with Google AdWords and the book was ranked #1 best seller on Amazon for the Business Leadership Training category.

Fuda conducts trainings internationally at associations such as the Franchising and Licensing Association (Singapore), Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance. He has also guest lectured at Curtin University, Singapore and Nanyang Technological University.


“Simple Steps to Find More Customers with Google AdWords” is a concise tutorial for web savvy individuals who are not yet AdWords savvy and know they have to be.

Perry Marshall
American Online Marketing Strategist
Author of Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords

Let the customers find you online and build up your customer base. This is a great write-up of simple steps to build your customer base that you should not miss.

Lau Chew King
Lecturer, Accounting Division, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
NTU is ranked 11th in the QS World University Rankings 2018

Profound concepts are made easily understandable in this book!



Victor Pow

General Manager of PageAdvisor


What I really like about Fuda’s work is the brilliant step-by-step fixes that readers can easily follow to recover from these common mistakes.  Read this book to improve your AdWords skills and double your sales!

Eu Gene Ang

Google Regional Trainer, Sales Masterclass Trainer & Business Coach

Adjunct Lecturer, MBA Programme, National University of Singapore (NUS)
NUS is ranked 15th in the QS World University Rankings 2018

Apply Sun Tzu's Timeless Strategies In Digital Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I getting?
A continuous stream of sales leads from pre-sold customers who want to buy your product or service. When you engage our services, we use ads to attract your potential customers to fill in their contact details for your sales team to follow up and close the sale. These customers have a purchase intent and follow-up and closing the sale is easier than with cold contacts! We’re not just here to help you from a distance. We’ll be with you through this journey. You will also be receiving continuous customer support from the Midas SEM Team, monthly reports, access to Google Analytics, continual monitoring and optimization.
Is this worth my money?
This varies depending on the demand from your clients or customers. It also depends on the competition in your industry on the Google advertising platform. Contact us for a free consultation session and we will advise you on your specific situation.
How fast can my ads start running?
If you have an effective website or landing page, we can start within 3-5 working days. If you need a new website or landing page, we will need to assess what you need and plan out a project time line for you.
Can you help me if I already have an advertising account?
Yes, we can. We’ll be able to analyse your current ad account and recommend our plans to improve the performance of your ads. Contact us today and we’ll provide a free audit of your ad performance.
What products and services can you promote?
Our lead generation principles can be applied across many different industries. We have been very successful in generating leads for engineering equipment suppliers, real estate agents, educational institutions for children all the way to post-graduate programme applicants. Products and services that we promote have to be compliant with local laws and the Google Advertising Policy. We also like to serve clients who share similar values as we do. Our corporate values are:
1. People Matter – We value people and want others to know that our clients and stakeholders are amazing
2. Integrity – We are honest and truthful in our interactions with clients, vendors and government agencies
3. Excellence – We always do our best to deliver the most value to our clients and society
Do I qualify for your digital marketing services?
This lead generation service is not for you unless:

1. Your team is able to handle 10 to 50% more customers in the next 12 months

2. You have an established business with a sales track record. (New start-ups with zero-revenue don’t qualify as we can’t steer a parked car)

3. You are able to invest a minimum of $1400 per month on digital advertising to grow the business

4. You are open to implementing the advice of the consultants which may include changing your landing page in which additional costs will apply

5. You or someone in your team is able to approve landing pages and ads within 5 working days

If you meet the 5 requirements above, you may request for a quote. We’ll ask you a few questions to determine if this is a good fit. If we accept you, the one-time set-up fee would be payable either by FAST transfer or corporate card.

What is the meaning behind the name, Midas SEM?
SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing which involves the placement of ads on search engines. Needless to say, the #1 search engine in the world is Google which is used for about 80% of all searches. In other words, Google is used 4 times more than all it’s competitors combined.

Midas is the king in Greek mythology who had the ability to turn everything that he touched into gold.

Put together, Midas SEM is the golden touch in Search Engine Marketing that will produce a stream of sales leads and customers for our clients.

Our logo consists of the Chinese word, 金 (jin1) which means gold. It reminds us of the Chinese idiom, 点石成金 (dian2 shi2 cheng2 jin1) which refers to the act of turning stones into gold. In short, we’re represented by the same concept in both Eastern and Western cultures: the ability to turn things into gold.

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