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I’ll definitely recommend Midas SEM to those looking to do adwords advertising. They have very clear strategies in optimizing your dollar and our online campaigns have definitely improved! The Midas Team helps you to look at how exactly to improve your campaigns and they are extremely meticulous.

Eugene Toh, Managing Director, TuitionGenius

Tuition Genius

Upon setting up my music agency a year ago, I initially had major problems in getting traffic to my website. Thanks to Midas SEM, they advised me on the steps I should take to generate leads and get potential clients to find me! My ROI has gone from negative to +290%! Thank you very much Midas SEM!

Julian Low, Director, Juls Music
Juls Music Singapore

Each campaign that they have managed is tailored to the clients’ objectives. Midas SEM takes really good care of their clients’ accounts. Kudos to the positive feedback that they received from their clients about their successful campaign management.

Syerra Hamid, Google Partners Singapore


It has been a good 6 months working with Midas SEM. We have seen improvement in enquiries from customers in Singapore and our targeted countries. The team is also swift in their reply and updates.

Sharmaine Goh, ISA Technology Pte Ltd

ISA Technology Pte Ltd

Midas SEM’s persistent devotion to helping us with our advertising campaigns is impressive – they are not only very responsive but also offer valuable input on refining our advertisements. Thanks to the diligent team, we have been able to attract more of our target customers to our website and have also seen an improvement in sales.

Sher, That Ampersand Blogshop Owner

that ampersand logo

Midas SEM has done a fantastic job to help my company manage our Google Ad campaigns. They have helped us to generate interest and increase our leads, something we had formerly struggled to achieve. I like their positivity and pro-activeness. I will definitely recommend having Midas SEM to manage your Google Ads if you want a peace of mind!

Ray Tay, Business Technology Partner, ProfitSoft


The Midas SEM team is fantastic at their work. They offer very prompt and quick service to all our business needs. Their experience shows when they recommend us the most effective and best options for our marketing needs. The sincerity of Midas SEM team is clearly seen, as they give their all in making our marketing efforts worth it.

Before engaging Midas SEM in October 2015, we had trouble getting enquries and sales on a regular basis. Now, we receive quite a number of enquiries monthly. We even received 4 quality leads a month, with at least one translating to sales! It is a great start for us, and we are glad we choose Midas SEM for our SEM.

We definitely recommend Midas SEM for your SEM needs!

Huda Hamid, Blissful Studios

Blissful Studios